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First of all thank you for shopping with us at J&M Camper Sales

If you see something on our site that is of interest to you please contact us so we can get you all of the details. If you don’t see exactly what you are seeking we can help with that too.

Special orders don’t upset us. Let is know what you are looking for and we will be happy to spec it out and get you the best price.

All of our prices include destination charges to our dealership and dealer prep. We don’t charge extra for these items.


From time to time our manufacturers offer rebates to assist dealers in selling units from their inventory. These rebates apply to units in inventory only and not special orders.

The manufacturer sets guidelines for all rebates. These guidelines must be followed or the rebate is disallowed. We must adhere to all stipulations set forth for manufacturers rebates. Please don’t ask us to bend the rules. Our franchise and dealer license are at stake.

Additional Fee’s
1. If the unit is over 2,999 lbs there is a $33.00 title fee. This is charged by the State of Maine.

2. Document fee. We have a flat fee of $100.00 for all RV paperwork. This includes your temporary license plate, state sales tax receipt and all of the necessary lien documents to complete the sale.

Sales Tax.

Maine residents must pay a 5% sales tax on campers. If you reside outside of Maine you are not subject to sales tax in Maine. Canadian residents also do not pay Maine sales Tax.

RV Financing

Let us take the hassle out of being the middleman! We offer competitive financing with national lenders, regional lenders and over 15 local credit unions. With terms up to 180 months and rates that are competitive, why go through the hassle of seeking out your own RV loan? Let our finance specialist take the hassle out of your RV loan.

RV Sales to Canadian Residents.

J&M Camper Sales sells many RV’s & Boats to our Canadian friends each year. As you go through our website, be aware that all prices are in U.S. Dollars, But please don’t let the fact that there is a Border between us keep you from saving thousands of dollars on your next RV.
Besides all pricing being in U.S. Dollars, We have compiled a list of items that you will need to take care of (with our help) in order to import your new RV into Canada. We Will provide you with all paperwork necessary to import your unit across the Canadian Border.
1. Obtain a Recall Clearance Letter – This will allow you to pass the Federal Inspection.
2. Purchase Order – Bill Of Sale.
3. Manufacturers Certificate of Origin
4. Fees to be paid at Border – (All fees are the responsibility of customer.)
All Canadian customers will pay $195 + GST. This is paid to the Registrar of Imported Vehicles.
In addition to RIV Fee – The following will apply:
Import To:
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
New Foundland
Import To:

5. Once Your New Vehicle Enters Canada: You will have 45 days for vehicle inspection and to complete any modifications that are needed. Canadian Tire will perform all Federal Inspections as well as Provincial Inspections.

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