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J&M Camper your Maine RV Dealer

J&M Camper Sales is your Maine RV Dealer since 1967. Located on Civic Center Drive in Augusta. Featuring Rockwood, Salem, Palomino, Rockwood Roo, Prowler and many more quality camper brands.


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J&M Camper & Marine is a 52 year old company that has been owned and operated by the Stoddard family since 1967. We specialize in family recreation and most specifically summer recreation through the sales and service of Campers, RV's, Pontoon Boats, Sea-Doo Personal Watercraft and Sea-Doo Boats.

Our RV brands include Forest River Products like; Rockwood, Salem, Sierra, Cedar Creek, Palomino, Cruise Lite, Rockwood Roo, Rockwood tent campers and Hemisphere. Our THOR offerings include Coleman by Dutchmen. .

Since 1967 it has been our mission to provide the best products at a fair price and back each sale with fast and friendly service. There is never any pressure to make a purchase; we want your family to be comfortable and confident with your purchase. We have partnered with some of the best manufacturers in the industry. Companies that stand behind their products, dealers and customers. Many of the products that we sell today we have been selling and servicing for over 30 years.

New Arrivals

  • Rockwood 2280ESP Tent Camper W/ Shower #4751 2018 Rockwood   2280ESP 
    Stock #: 4751    Length 12
       Call For pricing and Discounts!

  • Rockwood Mini Lite 2509S #4736 2019 Rockwood  2509S 
    Stock #: 4736    Length 25
       Call For pricing and Discounts!

  • Salem Cruise Lite 171 RBXL #4721 2018 Salem Cruise Lite  171 RBXL 
    Stock #: 4721    Length 22
    $17,989   W/ Rebate

  • Salem Cruise Lite 187RB FSX #4718 2018 Salem  Salem Cruise lite 187 RB FSX 
    Stock #: 4718    Length 22
    $13,194   W/ Rebate

  • Rockwood Mini Lite 2511 S #4842 2019 Rockwood  2511 S 
    Stock #: 4842   
       Call For pricing and Discounts!

  • Salem 27RKSS #4732 2019 Salem  27RKSS 
    Stock #: 4732    Length 33
    $25,389   w/ Rebate

  • Rockwood Ultra Lite 2706 WS #4488 2018 Rockwood  2706 WS 
    Stock #: 4488    Length 32
    $27,888   W/ Rebate

  • Rockwood Ultra Lite 2606WS #4830 2019 Rockwood  2606 WS 
    Stock #: 4830    Length 29
       Call For pricing and Discounts!

  • Rockwood Geo Pro 17 RK Travel Trailer #4463 2018 Geo Pro  17 RK 
    Stock #: 4463    Length 20
    $17,929   W/ Rebate

  • Rockwood Signature 8288WSA #4047 2017 Rockwood Signature Ultra Light  8288 WSA 
    Stock #: 4047    Length 31
    $34,913   Includes all Rebates & Discounts

  • Rockwood Ultra Lite 2703WS #4724 2019 Rockwood  Ultra Lite 2703WS 
    Stock #: 4724    Length 32
    $32,815   w/ Rebate

  • Rockwood Windjammer 2715V #4653 2019 Rockwood  2715 V 
    Stock #: 4653    Length 31
    $31,598   w/ Rebate

J&M Camper & Marine - Augusta, Maine - Your Premier RV & Marine Dealership Since 1967

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